Why 611?

Maybe you’re wondering why the name of this organization is Deaf611 and where did the number 611 come from? There are actually many hidden meanings that we will be revealing at our retreat this fall, however, here is one of the biggest reasons why we chose the number 611. In the world of telephones, there are special 3 digit phone numbers, all ending in the number 11. They are used exclusively for service related numbers. For example:

  • 211 – Community service information
  • 311 – Municiple government services
  • 411 – Directory assistance
  • 511 – Traffic information
  • 611 – Customer service
  • 711 – TDD/TTY relay service
  • 811 – Underground public utility location
  • 911 – Emergency service

(Source: wikipedia.org)

As you can see, the number 611 is for customer service or support. We know there are many Deaf Christians who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction and do not know where to go for support. Deaf611 is a support organization to help you so that you don’t feel alone in your struggles.

After the conference, we will tell you more about the Deaf611 name!