John Owen

John Owen was a well known theologian from the 17th century and has written a number of books. One of his best writings was a book called The Mortification of Sin. This writing will help you understand greatly why we all still struggle with sin and how we can deal with those struggles in our[…]


Matt Moore

One of the best blogs for people who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction is written by Matt Moore. If you’re looking for encouragement from someone who understands what you’re going through, Deaf611 highly recommends that you visit his blog or even subscribe to get this regularly published articles. You will find it very uplifting,[…]


Why 611?

Maybe you’re wondering why the name of this organization is Deaf611 and where did the number 611 come from? There are actually many hidden meanings that we will be revealing at our retreat this fall, however, here is one of the biggest reasons why we chose the number 611. In the world of telephones, there[…]